Company Profiling for Automotive Machinery/ Equipment Manufacturer Competitors

The Client

The client is a leading automotive machinery/ equipment manufacturer located in the North American region. They required information regarding companies in the equipment manufacturer in the markets across the same region. This information could help to understand the market structure, ongoing developments, and competitors’ product/ solutions/ services offerings.

The client found it difficult to research the company profile and compile it as per their requirement due to the pool of information available on the internet. Vikrantash helped the automotive machinery/ equipment manufacturer with the required services and skilled professionals.

The Solution

Vikrantash assigned the research professionals (including the manager, senior analyst, and associate research analysts) the requirement of having a significant year of experience in the market research

We have helped the client build the top 15 competitors in the market headquartered in the North American region and a few of them are from out of North America but have their sales/ service in that region.

Depending on the requirement of the client, profiles can be extensive and include in-depth parameters to analyze. All assignments involving company profiling will be assigned to qualified industry profiling experts. Following are the parameters included in the company profiling

  1. Company’s Background
  2. Executive summary
  3. Key Facts
  4. Product Categories
    • Company History
    • Product/ Solutions/ Services Characteristics
    • Product/ Solutions/ Services Areas
    • Product/ Solutions/ Services by Category
  5. Competitive Landscape
    • Industry Overview
    • Evolving Requirements
  6. Key Competing Firms by Product Segment
  7. Financial Results
    • Recent Developments, M&As, Partnerships, Collaborations
    • Five-Year Summary

The studies are designed to provide an in-depth insight into a certain company that will be the client’s direct competitor. The report will provide a thorough understanding of competitors’ performance as well as the necessary capacity to examine areas that demand immediate improvement in order to stay ahead of the competition.

The Result

The result was a well-researched and professional profiling of the automotive machinery/ equipment competitors. The accessible data from web research was transformed from a jumbled form comprising difficult-to-understand jargon to a form that could be simply understood and explored to quickly obtain precise information.

The team achieved higher results in a short period of time. Weekly meetings with the client were planned to keep the focus on a client-specified approach, resulting in assured customer satisfaction.

Vikrantash’s research services aided the customer by offering insight into the most recent industry trends, existing competitors to monitor for, current market share, critical aspects to consider before launching a new product, and various other parameters as mentioned above.